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Retail: from experience to omnichannel marketing


From Experince to Omnichannel Marketing


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    the retail sector is facing satisfying demands of the omnichannel consumer, in a voracious competition market, which demands the personalization of the shopping experience to have a totally differential factor.

    Work a very complecated legal framework, where new openings in the international area, involve operational efforts, greater than those that support business agility. With a favorable economic scenario translated into an incipient recovery and significant improvement of the consumer confidence index.

    Challenges of new retail and how to face them

    Retail trade is currently undergoing profound changes, to adapt to this new reality, companies face great challenges:

    • The current customer is always connected, is restless and very demanding.
    • Look for products and original services that meet their needs ..
    • It is not true to brands, due to the amount of information they handle and allows them to compare at all times.

    To satisfy this costumer profile, you must offer omnichannel experiences:

    Homogeneous, personalized, agile and simple on any channel.

    The buying habits have changed, now the consumer uses several channels, to approach him we must influence the moment of the decision.

    In the consumer era, wich are the main mistakes that companies make?

    Companies needs multiple systems to satisfy the customer, , however, many times they are not integrated, which makes management difficult. There are currently management products that help favorably achieve better objectives.

    If these management systems are not used, it makes the experience worse and reduces sales opportunities.

    The key to success is in the customer experience, offering better quality, retail must face two challenges:

    • Perfecting processes and supporting the crossing of channels.
    • Store the customer experience

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